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Home battery storage systems are now affordable and easily connected to the grid reducing your power bills or removing them totally, it’s now allowable to have your power lines removed along with your meters top make you truly independent of the grid and associated charges.

To install a home battery storage system and make the most of the batteries and solar its best to shift your heavy energy loads such as Hot water systems, dishwashers, clothes dryers, washing machines and where possible even your air conditioning to the day light hours where your solar system is at its best and producing enough energy to drive the appliances.
Reducing energy bills
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Reducing energy bills


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product brochure


The battery storage systems are designed in such a way that they will use the renewable energy first before taking power from the grid, if the sun is out you will use the solar energy and if needed some battery energy, the graph below shows the typical scenario where most of the energy used is before and after the sun rises or sets, the power from the solar energy is stored for after hours use reducing the need to modify your hours of energy use let’s face it 80% of us all simply can’t use or appliances during the day either working or other commitments battery storage and off grid power solutions allows you the freedom to chose when and how you use your power.



Deciding what system to install and what size battery storage system you will need can be confusing and knowing what to ask for shouldn’t be complicated?

If you all ready have an energy account you will be able to see your daily Kwh usage this will provide valuable information we can use to size your home battery storage system.

if for example you were using 21kwh daily (average family) we could assume you would use 70% at night and 30% during the day light hours, to produce enough energy from the sun to supply the home and charge the batteries we would need to install between 5Kw and 6Kw of solar power producing around 24kwh each day on average allowing for 16.8kw to be stored in the battery system and 7.2kw for day time use of course each home is different so we would work with you to understand your energy use and what off grid power system would best suit you.

Off Grid Power Solutions not limited when it comes to best options

Our new cabinets now allow for a grid connected battery storage system to be designed and recommended with expandable options and grid failure back up, whether it’s a more traditional Gel battery or a Lithium based system you can achieve zero bills, you can increase your battery storage slowly as funds allow and eventually disconnect all together.

The cabinet solutions are no larger than your average fridge and dependant on your energy use will see most homes independent of the grid or keep the grid as the backup if needed, the grid doesn’t have to be the primary provider just as back up.

The systems we are offering are installed by us not contracted out, we are all qualified in our field and registered with the Clean Energy Council and Energy Storage Group of Australia, we are just as concerned as you about the systems and only want to provide what we think is the best fit we can’t compromise on the products we offer there is too much at stake, you need reliable power we want reliable products so that’s what we strive for and back it up with service and support.

Lithium Based, Gel or salt Batteries with battery Solar system, easy and quick no more energy bills.

Our units are upgradable as your energy needs expand with added kids, air-conditioning, swimming pool, we can expand from one battery to an endless amount of battery storage no matter the size of your home.
  • Each battery holds 3Kwh of battery storage with 2.5Kwh of actual usable energy.

  • The batteries can be discharged and recharged in 5 hours each day

  • The battery life is warranted for 10 years and expected life of 20 years

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