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High performance LiFeP lithium batteries

Alpha.Ess is the newest product in our extensive range of off grid power systems. Lithium battery efficiency and durability at affordable prices.

10 year performance warranty
20 year expected life
5 year product warranty
This is for those serious about being off grid.


REDFLOW is the latest in bromine flow technology developed in Australia with amazing 100% depth of discharge capabilities. This system will see longer life expectancy and next to zero maintenance over the product life and very little temperature consideration. This is the ideal product for commercial applications, military energy storage. Very few products match the qualities of the REDFLOW battery storage systems.

Tested in the field for over 5 years
White paper expected to last 20 years.


BAE is a Valve Regulated Lead-Acid Batteries (VRLA-GEL) used widely around the world in off grid or grid connect battery storage solutions. At 50% depth of discharge the high quality BAE German made batteries will last 10 yrs or more.

Aquion Batteries

These batteries are a combination of new and old technology, traditional off grid power batteries need to be built (bank) to a 48 volt nominal operating voltage the Aquion salt battery is all ready designed to 48Volts meaning you can start with one battery same as Lithium batteries, while they are known as salt batteries salt water is the electrolyte as opposed to acid in a tradition battery, the main components internally are a Stainless steel Current collector, Manganese Oxide Cathode, Carbon Titanium Phosphate Composite Anode. These batteries for off grid power are ideal and still need considerable space considerations.


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