Radio Tower Solutions

Radio Tower Communication and Power Supply

With the ever increasing need for reliable energy and communications in and around remote mine sites or communities, Off Grid Power Solutions have worked with our group partners to design solutions that simply work.

Our off grid solutions with N+1 redundancy and generator back up unit ensure solid reliable power and radio tower communications 24/7.

Communication Towers generally have 24 - 48 V DC, we also supply variations in these standards including 240V AC for servicing or charging.

Providing reliable power to communication towers is becoming more critical on remote sites with the carriers struggling to supply power to these sites either at a reasonable cost or time line, our off grid power solutions can be delivered and installed quickly and efficiently.

Our large energy storage rooms or our smaller cabinets can meet any demand requirement and our new Solar Skid solutions are as simple as can be as the units need no ground preparation work or footings.

We pre build the units in our facility, test and commission before we arrive at site ensuring quick reliable service no matter what the location.



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