Rural Battery Storage

Battery Storage: Solar Power: Solar Pumps: Solar Bores: Battery Replacement for existing sites.

Installing an off grid power solution is the best option DON’T INSTALL POWER POLES!

We can supply a off grid power unit with the latest solar batteries to run your home, solar pumps and solar bores or replace old batteries with the latest batteries and controllers.

Going to off grid power or replacing an existing battery storage system is simple enough if we can work with you to understand your needs.

We can supply, design and install the whole off grid power system using Lithium, Gel, Carbon, Salt.

Rural off grid power sites were previously limited by the battery capacity and more specifically the electronics to actually provide the real full power needed to sustain an home or business, most older sites tended to be small battery storage systems designed to run a few circuits such as lights and possibly small fridge, this isn’t the case anymore if you want to have the home completely off grid without the constant concerns of running out of power and the off grid power system not being able to deliver real power for all appliances or even worse relying on generator this doesn’t have to be the case, new batteries, new inverters and chargers now allow for a site to be independent of the grid and other backup power, Gel batteries, Lithium batteries, Aquion Salt Battery or the Redflow Battery have the capacity coupled with the correct inverters to give you full off grid power the generator can now be the backup not the primary source of power, systems can now be designed to supply the full load on all circuits including air-conditioning.



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