Off Grid Case Study

Off Grid Case Study for family of 5

The below graphs show 2 full days of solar production, battery charging and discharging, this solution consists of 6kw of solar panels, a charging unit, inverter and 8Kwh of usable energy.

The family consists of 5 adults, 2 parents 3 adult children, 3 person home each day using aircondition and appliances daily.

  1.The actual battery storage capacity is 10Kwh.

2. Note the batteries charged in 4 hours each day regardless of poor sun or full sun

The load remained constant all day and was serviced by the solar system added energy was diverted to the batteries, batteries can only charge at a set voltage range so surplus energy was exported to the grid, if this home was off grid the results would be the same with the added solar being controlled so no over supply.

3. The solution was Lithium Batteries, tier one solar modules, and quality chargers and inverters.

Link to live view is avalibale on request.



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