Servicing Systems

Upgrades and Equipment Replacement

If your energy requirements have outgrown your current stand-alone power system, or if it is an old inefficient system that needs replacing, Off Grid Power Solutions will help with replacment of all components.

Stand Alone Batteries

If your batteries are not holding a charge, or consistently show a low state of charge? Possibly your batteries are past their expiry date cycle life. We have a full range of products and suppliers who offer a quality battery solution if the storage solution needs replacing.

The Solar Panels

It is unusual for the solar panels to be underperforming, but it can happen. Off Grid Power Solutions can run a full range of tests to determine the quality of the output within the PV array and confirm its expected daily output. In the event there is a system failure we can assist with any warranty claims and make contact directly with the supplier for replacement of product. Stand alone systems need quality PV products so if considering off grid be sure to use quality tier 1 solar modules.

The Inverter

The inverter and the charge controller are key to a successful stand alone or grid connect units.
If you are consistently running low on power from the batteries there may be a system failure and the inverter or regulator will generally have a fault indicator. If there is a fault the generator or back up energy supply will be running constantly. Off Grid Power Solutions has stand by stock for such events.


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