18 July 2016
Comments Comments Off on New Energy rates anounced
18 July 2016, Comments Comments Off on New Energy rates anounced

ERGON is now charging for time of use which means that anyone on a residential account will be charged $0.51 Cents per Kwh nearly double the previous $0.28Kw, these charges will apply through different periods of the year with rates changing marginally seasonally.

Time of use metering will be at its worse in summer when the highest rates will apply, power consumed between 3Pm and 9.30Pm each day will be charged at $0.51Kwh.

New off grid power can be set to operate between these times removing the impact directly from an energy bill.

Energex has also indicated it will shift to this billing in 2016 and it will apply to all residential consumers.

Off Grid Power can install a battery ready solar system so when new rates come into effect a battery storage system can be fitted directly.

Solar Power Brisbane will be the next region to have increased energy costs.

 Battery Storage will become normal as standard in new homes with energy retailers looking to increase revenue by adding costs to service charges and meter reading fees.

Off Grid Solar Systems are now the affordable option go to off grid power and avoid added costs.

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