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There is no need to install POWER LINES battery storage systems can be designed cost effectively to supply any power needs whether it’s you weekender, commercial site or your home old or new.

We can supply, design and install the whole off grid power system using Lithium, Gel, Carbon, Salt these all have their place, we work with you on a solution that will be the best fit, it’s our job to help you work through all the options make recommendations based on the information you share such as your daily energy use and night use if still grid connected, the loads to be applied to the off grid power system, pumps for water treatment and supply, major appliances, motor driven air quality or cooling systems, washing machines, dryers, and if the site will have gas appliances for cooking and heating, below is some basic information on off grid batteries to get you started and help you understand the basic differences.
Indoor units, in the Shed or the Home.

Beautiful units fully enclosed ensuring your family is safe and the investment is secure, lockable doors, touch screen functions, on wheels so if ever you decide to move you can take the off grid power system with you, it’s as easy as taking your fridge.

Expandable battery racking, each cabinet can hold 5 batteries at 3Kwh each battery or 4 batteries at 4.8Kwh each battery, if more battery power is needed adding another cabinet beside the original is easily done, no fuss but will allow for another 30Kwh in battery storage.
Steel construction, powder coated with all necessary ventilation and vermin proofing.



Powerstack offers a high performance battery designed to meet the demands of a wide range of industrial and residential applications. The powerstack range is modular in structure and is capable of accommodating a wide spectrum of capacites.
Aquion Batteries (Salt) 2.4Kwh per cell:
Ideal as new system design or to replace existing lead acid based battery banks, unique 48 Volt battery allowing for added storage capacity as your needs grow so can your battery bank, Each battery holds 2.4 to 3Kwh allowing for 2kwh of actual useable energy. Can be retro fitted to existing battery systems and compatible with most chargers and inverters, uniquely safe in the event of bush fires.

Power stack offers high performance battery design to meet the high demand of a wide range of industrial and residential applications. The Powerstack is a modular design allowing for added capacity and flexibility in design. Meets ISO 9001 : 2008 – ISO 14001 : 2004 & OHSAS18001 :2007 TUV Standards Powerstack uniquely designed with solid strap connectors offering very tidy secure VRLA battery stack. The batteries have been designed and considered idea for more tropical regions outdoor/rural/critical load security. Generally maintenance free with quick charge and discharge characteristics with low C10 ratings meaning you can extract all the energy over a 10 hour period. Patented Lead Oxide formula seeing low self discharge rates.
These batteries are a combination of new and old technology, traditional off grid power batteries need to be built (bank) to a 48 volt nominal operating voltage the Aquion salt battery is all ready designed to 48Volts meaning you can start with one battery same as Lithium batteries, while they are known as salt batteries salt water is the electrolyte as opposed to acid in a tradition battery, the main components internally are a Stainless steel Current collector, Manganese Oxide Cathode, Carbon Titanium Phosphate Composite Anode. These batteries for off grid power are ideal and still need considerable space considerations.

Out Door solutions simple tidy and practical.
The outdoor battery storage system is custom made dependant on battery storage needs, generally we recommend twice the space initially needed to allow for simple expansion at a later point, these cabinets hold GEL, Salt, Lithium or any number of battery types.

The inverters and controllers are located behind the lockable door while the battery storage is behind a panel isolating them from chargers and inverters.
Ventilated either through cross ventilation or by a thermostat fan these cabinets meet all necessary requirements to keep you system cool and functioning. Aluminum construction and powder coated here in Australia ensuring quality.

Off Grid power systems for small acreage blocks or large holdings are designed and installed by us specific to your needs, we use Lithium and traditional battery storage solutions across Australia, more people and builders are looking at viable options as opposed to being grid connected.

We will work you and your builder to get the system you need and ensure its installed to meet all current regulations and guidelines

Every off grid power system is design unique to you, each system will be explained so you have the best possible understanding of the products offered and the best system components to meet your expectations.

New monitoring platforms allow you to see your system in real time everything from solar production, the site load, the batteries state of charge and generator power production, different views allow you to see your monthly or annual system performance.
Each system has a unique login and assessable using your Android Ipad or Iphone.

All our solutions are monitored to ensure all systems are functioning and at expected performance levels, our online views allow you to check your system online 24/7 at home or from the office any personal device will allow you to login and check your system
Off Grid Systems
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Off Grid Systems

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Traditional lead acid based solutions including Tubular Gel- Dry Cell- Flooded deep cycle solutions, we also have the world leading LITHIUM based system providing up to double the usable life of more traditional designs.



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