AC Couple Battery Storage

AC & DC Coupled Systems and understanding them!

There are primarily two ways to configure battery energy systems, either AC coupled or DC coupled. Each system has their advantages and disadvantages and need to be fully understood to recognize which system is best for you.

What is DC coupled:

DC coupled is the traditional configuration of off grid power design, and consists primarily of solar panels, a charge controller, batteries and an off grid inverter. DC power from the solar panels is optimized and regulated through the charge controller which also optimizes the charging of the batteries and prevents overcharging of the batteries. Power from the batteries is then converted into AC power through the off grid inverter to supply your appliances with AC electricity.

- Trusted Method
- Simplicity
- less efficiency losses when charging batteries

What is AC coupled:

AC coupled is a newer approach to off grid power design. AC coupling incorporates the use of standard grid connect inverters into the DC coupled design. AC coupling usually consists of solar panels connected to a standard grid connect inverter, an off grid Inverter/Charger and batteries. A grid connect inverter will only work if it is connected to the grid, or another AC source, in the case of an AC coupled system the other AC source is supplied via the off grid inverter charger.

- Able to connect to existing solar system
- Less efficiency losses when running AC loads during the day
- Expandability

Using the right equipment, both methods allow you to be either grid connected or completely off grid and have the ability to use a backup generator when the sun is not shining. It is important to understand your loads and how you use your power when designing your system. Here at off grid energy solutions we have state of the art load profile equipment and software design systems to ensure the most efficient design for your off grid or grid connected system.


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