Rural Solar Battery System

Rural Solar and Battery Storage Systems

The installation of off grid standalone solar system to rural properties is the best and easiest solution when it comes to affordable power.

Don’t install Power Poles.

We have all the solutions from Gel, salt batteries, lithium, if you simply want to replace Gel or lead acid batteries the latest technology we can advise on the best options.
Off Grid Power Systems to Rural Properties

Off Grid Power Systems to Rural Properties

Rural Off Grid Solar Systems

Rural Off Grid Solar Systems

Rural properties whether a small acreage block or large holding we can offer cost-effective solutions to your energy needs, easily installed solar battery storage solutions to fit the purpose, our systems are fully installed by Master Electrician members, Clean Energy Council and Energy Storage certified we can design and recommend the best options.

Out Door or indoor systems available, all solar battery storage units are vermin proof and weather proof and with the latest batteries very little or no maintenance, our systems are all monitored via the internet or smart app allowing you to have full control and understanding of the standalone energy storage system.

If it’s a SOLAR PUMP we install racking for the off grid solar system and generally place the batteries in one of our battery storage cabinets IP65 Rated.
If the battery storage is to operate the home the batteries can be inside the home, shed, barn or outdoors beside the meter board. Don’t worry about where to put the battery storage we have simple solutions including the new energy bench which serves as a work bench while supplying off grid power at the same time, space saving and practical.

Understanding your power use and demand cycles is important, when selecting a standalone solar system, so consultation with approved off grid installers and people who have experience in the area is vital we provide this service free of charge.
Rural Solar Storage System

Rural Solar Storage System

New Energy Bench making practical use of space

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Portable Customized Solutions

Customized Portable Solutions:
Plug and play solutions to any location nationally or internationally.

Every Site is different and the location and size of unit will need to be considered.
Standard ground mount units are also re locatable if needed or we can design and supply a demountable package ready for shipping.
Our team will assist with the installation and commissioning of all units.

Standalone solar system

Standalone solar system



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