Shed Battery Storage

Putting Solar and batteries in your shed?

The installation of a standalone solar system with battery storage is ideal, if you have a block with a view to building a larger home later or its simply a weekender and have or intend to build a shed installing solar and batteries works, we install the solar to the shed roof if you need 6Kw of solar you will need the northern face of the roof to be 13 meters x 3.2 so over all roof would be 13M x 6.4.
The electrical inside the shed we can provide, either a full lighting and power points or we provide a backing board as a standard with isolators for the lights, and power points, as part of the installation we provide as standard a double power point to get you going.

The image shows the Off grid power unit installed in a shed with the DC isolators, AC isolators small distribution board with light circuit and breaker for any added power points and the double power point

The New Energy Bench making practical use of space
The new Energy bench holds 12Kwh of stored energy and is expandable to meet all needs.

The battery storage can be expanded up to 54Kwh, has the same monitoring as our Energy Storage Cabinet with the added work space either with wooden top or steel top to suit you, the wooden top is 35mm thick so you can easily fit a vice.

The bench can hold Lithium batteries or modified to hold more traditional off grid batteries.

All electrical isolation points are behind the Energy Bench so it goes flat to the wall.

While you might have space inside the shed in some instances space is of a premium so we have designed and built an outdoor cabinet to house the batteries and controllers, the unit is IP54, lockable, powder coated aluminum with vermin proof mesh to keep the batteries and controllers in good working order.

The cabinet can be designed to suit each site dependant on battery type and system size.


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