What size do I need?

Sizing the battery storage
solution is a critical part of the design of a reliable off grid battery solution. It is important to ensure you have the adequate amount of solar power to charge the solar batteries each day, and your battery storage is enough to get you through the night worry and hassle free.
Off Grid Homes
need a little more work when it comes to off grid power systems design and calculations. To build a reliable off grid battery system it is important to understand the loads required by the off grid system and how long these loads are used for each day. Once we have an understanding of how you use your power the rest is simple.
Off Grid accredited designers
and installers are here to help you understand what size system best fits your budget and lifestyle. We will assist you in every step of the design and installation process and be available to help you with any questions you have once the system is up and running. We will make moving to a renewable and green way of living affordable.



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