14 July 2016, Comments Comments Off on Tesla battery system in Australia

The release of the Tesla battery system will see changes in the way battery storage is viewed in Australia, with almost everyone knowing battery storage is possible but never really considered it as an option because of price restrictions

Tesla will create interest in battery storage and enquiries that will drive the installation of off grid power solutions or grid connected battery store units, the Alpha.ess battery storage unit is the first fully integrated battery storage system with all controls and monitoring as one unit

The TESLA is only a battery solution and as a result will need correctly configured charging and discharging systems which may see the increasing price above current market solutions as a result, both Alpha.ess and Tesla use LITHIUM ion batteries which can have a life expectancy of 20 years this a dramatic improvement on current more traditional battery storage systems which at best can expect 5 to 8 years if managed properly, ideal for off grid solutions but not practical for grid connected solutions the pay back isn’t there.

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